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- Electric energy in balance
- Lead-acid, Gel/AGM, LiFePO4?
- Lithium battery is unsafe!
- Make 100% use of your dynamo
- Inverter needed? Which one?

- About Aggregates and Inverters
- European 230V AC connections

- Gas consumption per day
- Advantages /disadvantages LPG
- Motorhome Gas in Europe

Next trip
- Ireland 2019

- Environmental issues in Europe
Maintenance / repair
- Toilet; maintenance & repair
- Give the fridge a hand!
- Maintenance/repair fridge
- Malfunction of the heater
- Malfunction of the gas hob
- Maintenance of gas installation
- The water supply

- Search for motorhome pitches
- view / download our Routes

- Wild camping
- Overloading; what's up
- Traffic rules in Europe

- Tips novice moho owners
- Tips Gas, Water, Light, Toilet
- Tips Comfort & Usefull
- Tips Maintenance
- Tips Technique & Tools

- Carbon monoxide detector:
- Narcotic gas: un Urban Myth
- Navigation systems

- Watch TV in the motorhome
- What is Satellite TV
- Fast scan or Blind scan?
- Satellite dish and motorhome
- Malfunction auto-dish
- Watch TV with DVB_T2
- Local digital TV in Europe

<Site is in the progress of translation Dutch -> English>
This site will be translated into English, but it takes time. The finished pages have a link. And if you have suggestions for improvement (English is not my native language) please mail it to me.
If you want to see what the other pages are like, please use Google Translate on the Dutch site.

About us

We have been traveling through Europe for almost 25 years with our camper "'t Uitje" (first a Hymer Camp from 1989, now a 2005 Autoroller 255p) through Europe and have gained a lot of experience during those trips. Experiences in the field of wild camping, on camper pitches, the development of tools and tools, but also in the field of repairs (the radiator hose of the cooling of the engine in the "middle of nowhere" or the water pump in the living area). You never guess what I have done myself: refrigerator, heating, boiler, made my own control panel, reorganised the whole 12V installation etc. etc. etc. And to avoid questions : No, I do not have my own company to eliminate failures. Very nice of people that they send me an email with the question where my company is located, but commercially I was in my career as a lawyer only busy with paper, not physical with campers, refrigerators, heating, awnings, dishes and so on.

We have put information that we would like to share with you all on this site. The Homepage is also Site-Map, so by clicking on the item at the top of the Table, you will jump directly to the desired page. I try to keep the pages as up-to-date as possible. At the bottom right of each page is the date of last change. At this moment (31 January 2019) is the oldest page of December 2017  In the Menu on the left side there are a few special pages, the explanation of which is given below.
Windows versus Linux

Every Windows computer gets slower every year; you can overcome this to
to reinstall the operating system completely (or to restore a so-called "image");  on Windows XP every year and on newer systems every 6 months  At one point I really had enough of it and switched to Linux. A second reason for switching is that Linux operates faster than Windows. The 500 fastetst computers in the world work on Linux and so do all the internet servers. How I did the migration  and what my experiences are can be read here.

Our Trips

 We have also put our larger trips on the map. Because there are many and some trips are very long (up to more than 11,000 km) we have divided them over two pages. Moreover, to limit the loading time, the size of the files has been limited. If I would put all routes in full format, you can start making coffee and have breakfast before they become visible. The number of track points of the routes is therefore reduced with the result that "curves in the road are cut off". If you zoom in deeply, you see that happens but the route stays clear  visible though. Because I received many requests to send the complete files, I have created an extra page on which you can download the files.


In 2018 nearly 140,000 visitors, half of whom visited this site for the first time, visited a million pages all together; that is an average of 13 pages per visitor. In total they have all downloaded almost 145 GB of data. Bots (robots, spiders and the like) are not included in this.

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