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We've traveled over 25 year in our camper ” 't Uitje” (first a Hymer from 1989, now an AutoRoller 255P from 2005) through Europe and have gained much experience during those outings. Experiences in the field of wild camping, and on campingaires, we've developed tools and tricks, and did some repairs (There is always sometimes happening, even if it is the radiator hose of the cooling of the motor that gets broken in the “middle of nowhere” or it is a defect in the water pump in the living area). You will not know what I myself have had to repair: : refrigerator, heaters, boiler, ring heating, I made my own control panel, refurbished and secured all of my 12V installation , installed an Electrical Block from Schaudt etc.. etc. etc. And to avoid questions: No, I do not have a business to solve malfunctions. Very sweet that people send me an email asking where my business is located, but commercial I was in my career as a lawyer just doing paper, and I was not physically working on campervans, refrigerators, heaters, awnings, satelite dishes etc.. And sometimes I receive over 50 questions by mail.; I do answer them – and usually the same day – but at the end of the “Worklist” the answers will be a bit shorter. And no, I do not get annoyed when fellow motor home despite this communication still ask where my business is located; they will get a nice answer. On this site we have put the information we want to share with you all..

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This site has over 150 content pages, distributed over 8 Main topics, and 35 submenu items. I tried to keep it as natural as possible, but sometimes it's hard to find a good place for a topic in the existing menu structure, hence, the latter part of the Main Menu “Miscellaneous” .. If you use the search function in the right part of the screen to search something . That function looks at each word inserted in each page. Are you looking for multiple words, these should be all on the page will it be displayed as found..

In addition, in the next column larger pages with 3 or more components has an “Index” shown in the sidebar; parts thereof than clickable and you will automatically scroll to the topic of your choice on that page.


In 2018 came almost 140.000 visitors, half of which for the first time on this site., 250.000 visited at least one page.. In total, they all have dowloaded almost 145 GB of data.. Bots (robots, spiders, and the like) are not captured in that figures. The number of hits, (over 2 million), doesn't mean anything: each icon, each image on a page generates a hit and there are pages who generate over 200 hits at a time.

If you write for a wide audience to do it in Chinese (10email statement from an academic thesis), So:
Jenny and Roland travel

last updated: 1 October 2019

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